BC Tel- Plant- Other Towns- Combinationmen

North-West, British Columbia, Canada


  • Oscar Swanson (hired in 1981)


  • Gerry Westgarde was in I&R for many years in Houston, He married Sherry Kuzyk an Assigner from Terrace
  • Richard Johnson- (hired in 1979)


  • Dave Hooper (1978)
  • Jim Beggs
  • Terry Lorenz
  • Bill McDonald (came in 1980)


  • Bob Hippsley (see below)
  • Patrick (Pat) Coulter
  • John McPhee
  • Al Pierce
  • Bill Perry (left Stewart in fall 1978 to Terrace Const)
  • Archie Henkey
  • Lorne Robson was a construction guy on the Charlottes for years, retired mar 1, 1987 after 31 yrs+ service.
  • Bob Viksush, Construction/Cable Maint.
  • Brad Schultz (Combination man)
  • Carl Merk (Combination Man)
  • James (Jim) Harkness (1981- left in 1985 to N. Van.)
  • Lorne Gorner (moved to Smithers I&R)
  • Ted Squires (hired in 1981)

Supervisors were

  • Greg Smith, (left in 1989, as Ed Center Instructor)
  • Don Helliwell (came to QCI in 1989)
  • Bill Stanway,
  • Bill Fagervik,
  • Gordon Brown (ca1980),
  • Ron Merk
  • Jes Anderson
  • Bob Pegg (left to Terrace I&R in 1987)


  • Dave Lemiewx
  • Mike Harkins

Port Clements

  • Pat McHugh (left in 1980 to Kelowna)




Port Edward / Prince Rupert outside plant

  • Dennis Mulroney for many years, was Mr Port Edward and Prince Rupert. He also handled the work in Port Simpson. He retired many years ago in Port Ed
  • Reg ?

Prince Rupert- Toll Dept

  • Greg Smith- (Combination man 1979, from Vancouver) (see picture above)
  • Gary Sternig
  • Lorne Lawller
  • Pete Oerlemans
  • Geoff Potter
  • Cliff Redick
  • John Moncreif
  • Larry Kleckner (Larry worked in terrace for a while before Rupert)
  • Joe…?


Robert “Bob” Edwin Hippisley, Stewart (sorry quality poor)
b- Sept 24, 1939 in Prince Rupert BC,
d- Jan 11, 2015 St. Paul AB

Bob's Obituary
Bob was the son of Archibald Stuart Hippisley
b- Sept 2, 1909 at Stuart's Landing, Skeena River, BC
d- Apr 16, 1991 Terrace BC