BC Tel- Plant- Kitimat- I&R

North-West, British Columbia, Canada

The I&R Department in Kitimat operated out of the basement of the Central Office / Toll / Radio / Phone Mart building, corner of Haisla Blvd and Kingfisher Ave

Kitimat Tel 1985

Employee names:

One of the first I&R men in the area in 1957, was Vern Fredericks.
He later moved to Terrace, then down to Kelowna area when he retired.

  • Russell (Russ) Malthus (moved to Smithers I&R)
  • Robert (Bob) Trudel
  • Raymond (Ray) Trudel, (twin to Robert)
  • Wayne Pritchett (bid to Ktmt I&R in 1979)
  • Brent Thompson
  • Bill Gervan*
  • Jim Beggs
  • Ian Dow
  • ? Bradley
  • Jim Holland (moved to Terrace)
  • Jim Thompson
  • Stephen Pegg (ca1980)
  • Gord Croft (ca 1980)

Bill Born (ca 1980)

Last remaining survivor in Kitimat was Brent Thompson.
Was lucky enough to see him in Jan 2006, at the Local 33, back to work party.

Kitimat Supervisors

  • Dave McNeice (was there in 1980-1985 at least) (left for Terrace, now retired in Terrace)
  • Jes Anderson was Supervisor for a while, he came in 1990, left in spring of 1991 to the QC islands

Dave Deleeneer (left in 1989 to Pr. George)

Pat Whitten became supervisor in Kitimat in spring of 1991.

*Sad to say but Bill Gervan committed suicide in his BC Tel Van, in the Kitimat BC Tel garage. Sad part of the telephone history in Kitimat, Bill was a real nice guy, and dedicated worker. He was also a member of the Local 33 Executive.


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