BC Tel- Clerical- Outside Depts- Terrace

North-West British Columbia, Canada

The Support staff of the Construction, Engineering, and I&R forces, have had many employees over the years.

I remember the following names:

  • Jutta Chobotar
  • Shirley Bedard
  • Peggy Paziuk
  • Erika Tycho
  • Joanne Holmberg
  • Wendy Dobler
  • Linda Brehaut (Sippel)
  • Kerry Kester
  • Cindy Thompson
  • Laurie Watson
  • Sharon Bohn (resigned in 1980)
  • Leslie Gilliland (hired in 1980)
  • Barb Hanley
  • Sharon Landrath
  • Shelley Allen (She went to work for the City of Terrace Drafting Dept)
  • Glenda Hodgson was also a clerk for Construction and Engineering I think too, originally a clerk in Prince Rupert
  • Georgina Masson (1978-1979)
  • Donna Stach
  • Jo Smith

They worked out of various offices at the Plant Center on Keith Ave..
When the Plant Center was built, they kind of forgot Construction and Engineering, so they added an ATCO type trailer on the outside of the building.
Here the Engineering clerk, and Construction clerks called home.
Later on Engineering moved to where the old doctor offices were across from the Co-op, with Doug Watt as Supervisor.
In the trailer Bill Spearn, and others, ran the show.

After a term there they were all moved into the Plant Center, where the old Satt machine used to be, next to the Toll Office.
Parker Okano was the supervisor, as well as Dave McNeice. This group was eventually moved up to the top floor,
next to the facility department, after the Service Center was closed. Donna Stach was the last Engineering clerk in that office ca 2004.
In 2006 only one Tech remained in town, Cory Wardrop. Cory is now retired.

Inside the Plant Center, the I&R clerk had her desk and duties.
Next to the I&R and the PBX Supervisors.
These clerks handled all the safety meeting reports, time sheets, typing duties etc. all part of the job.

By 2006, I don't believe there was a single clerk left in town.
The 2 supervisors handled all their typing, etc.
All reports are handled on the computer I guess, so the need to distribute by paper became redundant.

Interesting story about Cindy Thompson, her Aunt was the lady that operated the Cedarvale Store, on the north side of the Ferry Crossing.
I wished I could remember her aunt's name? From Sharon Landrath came this note.. “The Aunt's name was Edith Essex”
Thanks for the update Sharon. The best part of the drive home and up north, was going into that old store. It had more old treasures per square foot,
than most museums. Old tin signs, etc. I will never forget her Aunt's black lab dog either.
We used to buy Macintosh toffee bar from the store, then go outside and feed it to her dog, when he jumped up on the door of the truck to beg food
from the line-up of cars. He learned pretty quick, to not come near the BC Tel yellow trucks.
He loved the toffee, and it was sure fun watching him eat it.
When the ferry washed downstream and they closed the crossing, it was a very sad day for me.
The prettiest part of Northwest BC, is over there.
But the road in there from Kitwanga, can be fun, in the winter!


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