BC Tel- Clerical- Outside Depts- QCI, Pr. Rupert

North-West, British Columbia, Canada

Ethel Chapplow

  • Ethel Chapplow was the clerk for many years in QC City
  • Cathy Patrucco (hired in 1980)
  • Sharon Robinson
  • Glenda Hodgson was the clerk in Prince Rupert, before moving to Terrace, where she is retired.
  • Karen Mernett (1972)
  • Miss Barbara Hewett (ca Nov 1969)

Doris Leary
This lady was mainly an Operator in Port Clements, but also did clerical and other duties.
In the Dec. 1990 issue of Mackenzie Matters, had a complete page on this ladies achievements.
She was Mrs. Telephone from 1939-1968.
She was an agent for the Government Telegraph Service in 1939.
Taking and transmitting Telegrams on open wire.
Messages from Queen Charlotte City to Massett, were relayed by her.
After the war Northwestel took over.
They converted all the open wire to metalized lines.
In 1968, Port Clements went to a dial system, and just like that, BC Tel let her go.
Future was Friendly then too!
In 1990, She was appointed Honorary Massett Switch Controller.
She moved to Port Clements in 1922, from Burnaby.
In 1977 she moved from Port Clements to QC City.
She received the Queens medal for her community involvement. A great Telephone Pioneer!


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