BC Tel- Clerical- Network Clerks

North-West, British Columbia, Canada

The first clerk I can remember was Judy Anweiler.
I remember Stan Miller telling me she got the highest score ever, on a BC Tel IQ hiring exam. Not sure what I got on it in 1969, but I knew after that I was not number 1!
I know we had someone else earlier than her, but just can't remember her name.
We had Pat Casey's wife, Susan Casey, I think? Ginny Dean (now deceased) handled our expense advances for a time as well.
Last but not least (she made me say that!) Edie Nahulak. She did Terrace District Network Clerk duties for nearly 25 years.

The Clerks have done our time sheets, ordered material, handled reservations, organized helicopter pickups, handled safety lessons, and other duties to keep the Radio Department on the Straight and Narrow. A fine job by them all! (No Edie didn't make me say that!)
I just want to add, Edie was forced out, before her 25th year, by the heartless new Telus management team, like 6500 others, including myself.
In her case, as in others, it is a real shame, they weren't allowed to finish their 25th year, without harassment, or being forced to move, which was the case with Edie.
My hats off to all of them!

Some Names below of the General Office ClerksBold Text,
some were Switchboard Operators, and Teletype Operators.

  • Judy Needham (hired in 1980)
  • Gorete Franzmann (nee Lopes)
  • Aggie Callfas
  • Marilynn Oman (1969-1979)
  • Cathy Gavronsky, (nee Oakes) (ca 1980)
  • Sheri Miller (left in fall 1978)
  • Linda Miller (hired in fall of 1978)
  • Carol Rice (hired in 1978, Teletype Opr)
  • Diana van Eyk (left in 1979, Teletype Opr)
  • Donna Adkins (1979 records clerk)
  • Karen Mernett (left in 1979)
  • Susan Newell
  • Kathy Archibald (left in 1979 to Nanaimo)
  • Kathy Drake (Op Svc Clk in 1979)
  • Judy Penner (1979- Feb 1980) (left to Saskatchewan)
  • Gigi Morlok (ca 1980)


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