BC Tel- Clerical- Drafting

North-West, British Columbia, Canada

Once upon a time BC Tel in Terrace had a drafting Department. They had the job of updating and correcting Plant Maps,
which contained all the technical outside plant information, used by the Cable Maintenance, Construction, Technician, and Facility Departments.

Before they made some woman boss of the department in Prince George, this department actually ran very well.
But in she came, and out went all the information the other departments needed, but it saved her money on her department, she got promoted,
now in Victoria, and the crap we were getting to work from, before I left, was almost as bad as shipping out blank pieces of paper.
She made herself look good and to hell with everyone else. She knows who she is, and now she knows what I think of her!

At one time in Terrace we ran 2 drafting tables. All the new SAC boxes and new Concentrators, etc., required lots of drafting work.
I am a firm believer Drafters use a different part of their brain, than the rest of the world. They are Not dumb, by any means.
They just live and work in a different plane is all. They are all talented, and I only wished I had their ability.
I think those that Sculpture, and those that paint, work in the same plane.

  • Richard Rose- He was the last Draftsman in Terrace. Last seen at Vanderhoof Co-op. I will never forget the day Richard played me his Star Wars Klingon language tape!
  • Terry Methot
  • Larry Taylor
  • Pat Cole
  • and others?


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