BC Tel- Clerical- Assigning

North-West, British Columbia, Canada

The Assigners for North-West BC were situated in the Terrace Service Center A Very important job in the Service Center, was the job of the 4 Assigners. They had a hard job, always under pressure to get all their orders done for the day. Started out all paper records, on large light green, 16“x 16” cardboard cable record sheets. Here they manually entered with a pencil, the Line finder (piece of Central Office Equipment), the Connector Number (Tel Number), Name and Address. Each sheet held 50 pairs of cable, top of each sheet was the name of the Town, and the cable pair range, in black felt pen.

Cable Sheet example here is from Kitsault
Last entry at the bottom was 1983

These sheets were stored in a large 8 ft round rotary table that had 6, square holes, or tubs, built into it, to hold these paper sheets, each town divided by white plastic sheets.
This would revolve between the 4 Assigners.

They had to work hand in hand with a Facility Person for their area. Each Facility person and each assigner were assigned a certain town(s). Wilf Hoffman and Don McRobb had Area A (Terrace, QC Islands, and the area north), Ken Blanes and myself, Doug Gent, area B (Smithers, Houston Telkwa, etc ) The assigners were given certain areas as these. If they made an error, either I&R was mad or the Central Office guy. A tough job, and never paid enough for it. When they brought in MAIS, CRIS and FMS, they were expected to learn them all, and use them all, besides doing their job, which was already tough enough.

The were located in the Service Center at 3236 Kalum St. On March 9, 1979, they moved with the rest of the Service Center to 4541 Lazelle Ave, above Manuel Da Silva's restaurant at that time.

From there, the Service Center was moved to the original Operator room on Lazelle Ave.
It remained in this room, until the office was closed.

  • Fran Driedger Fran Driedger - (I think Fran was the First Assigner in Terrace)
  • Jackie Morlock, nee Goyette (1981- left in 1986 to Kelowna)
  • Donna Stach (became Eng clerk)
  • Dawn Tomas
  • Sharon DaSilva
  • Sherry Kuzyk (married Gerry Westgarde in Houston I&R) (hired in 1980)
  • Madge Lawson (deceased)
  • Ursula Therrien (retired in Terrace, now deceased)
  • Lynn Straw
  • Cheryl Lee Enright (nee Gillis) (b- Aug 17, 1954 in New Westminster BC, d- Oct 20, 2015, Terrace BC)
  • Wendy Dobler
  • Debbie Menzies (later stores person)
  • Kelly Horner (came in 1989)
  • Kim Beaupre (became I&R, now last name Woodd)
  • Darla Mason (Vern Frederick's daughter)
  • Marianne Brard (hired in 1981)
  • Joan Conway (hired in 1980)

Enjoyed working with those from 1982 on.

I can remember one assigner story, and Marianne Brard, above, made me think about it. For many years just before closing the shops for Christmas, we would all meet in our own groups for a glass of water, since we were not allowed to have alcohol on the premises, at any time. I think I turned the water into wine is where it came from?? Anyway after a couple hours in our own departments, we would eventually move into the larger coffee room, and combine our water sources. This party would last until fairly late into the night. The Supervisors would join us, and always one was assigned the job, of staying and closing the building when all were gone home. This one year, my boss Steve Pearson was given the job. As it turned out we had to baby sit him! What started out as a fairly calm party, got a little out of hand. Started out I spilled red wine on the brand new silk blouse of Marianne Brard. She never let me forget it either! I am ashamed to say I did it. Steve found out I was in radio, and used to drive the snow-cats. As it turned out there was a couple parked in the barn, and ready to go. So Steve asked me to get in and take him and a couple of the assigners for a ride outside in the snow. I was sober enough to say no but he insisted and told me it was an order to do it. So away we went.

Outside the snow plows had piled up a huge snow pile against the chain link fence. On the other side of the fence, the old Terrace Drive-in, complete with speaker posts in neat rows. So I decided this was going to be a thrill ride for them all. Up over the bank we went, and in and through all these posts at a pretty good speed.Then we returned to the barn, thinking that was it. Nope Steve hadn't had enough, so he wanted another ride. I told him why not get out and let someone else get in. Nope it was him and a couple more assigners in the back. He had to have the front seat both times. When we finished the second run, I told him I was parking it, before we both got fired. He then came up with a real brain storm, lets take the snow machine down Keith Ave., down Kenney St., across the tracks, across Highway 16, to the west end Chevron Station so he could buy more smokes! Again I was sober enough to finally tell him no. and what would happen to us if the cops seen us. Finally it sank in the rides were over. That night, everyone went home, and later in the evening, the police checked the building to find the front doors wide open, and no one inside. I think Bill Reynolds had to be woken up, to come in and lock it up, while the cops guarded the place. Not sure how Steve got home! But I do think the ladies enjoyed the ride.

Not sure if Steve remembered it.


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