Bristol Type 170 Freighter

Terrace, British Columbia, Canada

Bristol Type 170 Freighter

Rear view of Hawkair's Bristol Type 170 Freighter
In front of their hangar, at the Terrace Airport.
Corporate Lear Jet on left.
Photo courtesy Ron Anderson, Terrace BC

Trans-Provincial operated C-FTPA, a 170, Freighter, MK31A
later operated by Hawkair, and it crashed in 1997 at Bronson Creek.

I don't think this is that one, but could be last one they operated.
It was parked in 1999.
I know they sold one to the Reynolds -Alberta Aviation Museum in Wetaskiwin.
It was for sale on Ebay for $125,000.00. It last flew Sept 6, 2004.
C-GYQS, Bristol, 170, Freighter, MK31M, c/n 13060, built in 1952.

These planes had the Clam shell Doors on the front, and could carry huge loads, at extremely slow speeds.
Watched this one fly over Terrace many times, Could hear the roar of the engines, and seemed to take forever to go over the City.
Imagine the fuel and oil these used during flight, was on the extreme side.

It hauled Mining Equipment and supplies north of Terrace.


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