There are still lots of Genealogy and Bio Sections,
That need to be moved to the Special “People” Section,
After that the person can be linked to whatever page his-her history appears on.
This will be an on-going job in the future.

The Old html Site is now fully linked to the new site.

It is a work in progress, as there was over 1400 pages to re-design and transfer!!

Estimated completion so far:



This new layout will offer many new features, it will be easier to navigate and easier for us to update.
Some examples of the new features:

  • The site is fully “Responsive” which means it should work well on phones, tablets or desktops
  • In the top toolbar you can click this icon: to increase the the width of the content (ie. remove the whitespace on either side of this page.
  • A lot of information will be converted into searchable/sort-able tables. See Coal Mine Index as an example
  • Note top right you will see a seach box. I think it is the best feature of the new format. It works fast, and is very accurate. Give that a try for sure!
  • New Search Bar, Top of Each Page in this Site
  • You can now share any page on this site, on Facebook, Twitter, etc. from this icon, near top right of each page
  • You can use the indexes to the right or above as a starting point or click here for a complete  Index

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