Thank you for a wonderful Heritage Day at The Terrace Arena today (Feb 17th)
I appreciate the support and encouragement I received, to keep on doing what I am doing.
I can't thank enough Ms Geier, from Rosswood, for her big thank you, number one,
And her special gift of the “Scenes of Rosswood Calendar” to me.
Beautiful pictures, all but one by Bill Geier, very well done!
Proves that small towns have the friendliest people!
Thank you to the Terrace Historical Society for the invitation.
A small group that deserves a lot of credit for organizing this event. I was impressed!
And what a nice surprise to see the Air Cadets clean up after the whole event.
Had a good talk with a trio of these young men, and they did themselves proud for this good deed.
Music was great, First Nation singing and dancing was also well received. A great Saturday!
Thanks to all who attended.
Made some good new contacts, and hope to have some new photos and info to add in the future.
Good to see history is alive and well in the area!

There are still lots of Genealogy and Bio Sections,
That need to be moved to the Special “People” Section,
After that the person can be linked to whatever page his-her history appears on.
This will be an on-going job in the future.

In the meantime the Old html Site is fully active.
But please note- the Old Site has not been updated in months now.
All New additions, and any Corrections, are in this new site only.

It is a work in progress, as there was over 1400 pages to re-design and transfer!!

Estimated completion so far:



This new layout will offer many new features, it will be easier to navigate and easier for us to update.
Some examples of the new features:

  • The site is fully “Responsive” which means it should work well on phones, tablets or desktops
  • In the top toolbar you can click this icon: to increase the the width of the content (ie. remove the whitespace on either side of this page.
  • A lot of information will be converted into searchable/sort-able tables. See Coal Mine Index as an example
  • Note top right you will see a seach box. I think it is the best feature of the new format. It works fast, and is very accurate. Give that a try for sure!
  • New Search Bar, Top of Each Page in this Site
  • You can now share any page on this site, on Facebook, Twitter, etc. from this icon, near top right of each page
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