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Snow Valley Nordic Ski Club (SVNSC)

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1983 PB 36-200D Kaffbohrer Pisten Bully

Club purchased the used Kaffbohrer Pisten Bully Tractor, ca July 22, 1992

PB200D Brochure Ad

Brochure photo and General Model specs, not totally applicable to this machine
Brochures and old machine info submitted by Terry Brown
Machine made in Germany, with a OM 352 LA, 190 hp, 6 cylinder, Mercedes-Benz engine with intercooler and turbocharger.
S/N- 8210504
Tracks- 3.6 Mtr Steel, Tiller- 3.9 Mtr Steel c/w YTS and 19 ft Valley Compactor and Quick Mount All-Way Blade
Purchase funded by the Regional District of Kitimat-Stikine and the District of Kitimat
2016- Machine traded in for newer Prinoth machine.
Even today (2020) one of the buildings near the highway is referred to as the “Pisten Bully Shed”, where it was stored for years.

2013 BR350 Prinoth

Nickname the “Snow Kitty”
Photos by Dean Bergstrom
2016- Club purchased this used machine
2019- Final payment made Dec 2019
2020- It is the Machine that is used today

C9 Cat engine, 6 cylinder, 8.81L, 350 hp
Multi position Plow blade in front that can be changed out to what they refer to as a “Renovator blade”, used to break the ice layer that forms on top of the snow as the weather changes. On the back is the large tiller that does the snow treatment, and has 2 track setters that can be applied individually or together. The tiller isn't used until the snow is track packed by the smaller machines or this one if snow is deep enough. They need a minimum 24“ of snow to take this one out of the shed.

Smaller snow machines used to track pack snow, and by Volunteer Trail Maintenance Crews

Older VK540 Yamaha Snow Machine

Photo- Dean Bergstrom
C3924 Official Government Registration Number
Wood storage box, with chain saw storage on top added 2019-2020 year

Arctic Cat Bearcat Snow Machine

Photo- Dean Bergstrom
? Official Government Registration Number
Wood storage box, with chain saw storage on top added 2019-2020 year

Please Note- These are the ONLY 2 snow machines allowed on the trails unless specifically asked by the head groomer to be on the trails for maintenance reasons, or in case of an emergency.

Ginzu Snow Trail Groomer

Bear Cat and Ginzu on Long dog Trail at Safety Barrel location
Smaller grooming machine and single track setter, used with smaller snowcat

2 Beater Bars

These are heavy wooden boxes approx 12” wide, 12“ deep, and 6ft wide with metal tow bars. These are towed behind the Yamaha and Bearcat Snow Machines when the snow needs to be packed down after a snow fall. They have slots where weights can be added or removed depending on the conditions. The front edge is thick rubber in a 1/4 circle shape, to ride over the snow.

Swisher pull type Commercial Lawn Mower

Photographer- Dean Bergstrom
52in, 18.5hp Briggs & Stratton motor

Craftsman "Silver Bullet" lawn tractor

Photographer- Dean Bergstrom
Nicknamed “Christine” with 11hp, 38in deck, and blade kit
1985-86 model, MTD Model 135-618-599, Series 600 frame, Model 618, Saved from the metal recycler spring of 2020, completely overhauled and put into service in the stadium area, summer of 2020.

Four Wheeler

Older Arctic Cat with sled-trailer described below
Photographer- Dean Bergstrom
Used in the summer for Volunteer Trail Maintenance Crews

Small Sled-Wagon Combo

This photo shows the first prototype draw bar, using the winter sled draw bar, but wasn't strong enough for summer use. Now it has a straight wood draw bar reinforced with u-shaped steel as shown in photo above. Black Plastic Snow Sled that can be converted to a Wagon for the summer, used to haul pruning equipment, chain saws, and other material used for trail operation and maintenance. This sled has been converted with extended wood rails and holders for long pruning saws.

It started out as a general winter sled

Large Sled Wagon Combo

This wagon started life as a snowmobile trailer frame. They added a floor and rails and converted it into a fire-wood wagon. Then they added a removable frame underneath with old water skis, and turned it into a winter wagon. It was designed as a Hayride wagon for kids in the stadium area, but has also been used for the tour de soup event to haul tables and all around. \\

Please note all the equipment above is operated by volunteers that spend hours maintaining and using these machines. All tools, Machines, and equipment is marked/engraved SVNSC for security reasons, and cameras are in use inside and outside the buildings. Season Passes, Day Passes, and fund raising by the Club, is required to keep this all going.
If you want to donate some newer equipment to the club please contact them as soon as possible.

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