Kitimat-Terrace/Thornhill and area, BC, Canada

Snow Valley Nordic Ski Club (SVNSC)

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Aerial View of Buildings, Trails, Gates, and Highway in the Lodge area.

1st building in the Stadium area, was the original warming hut at the trails, used as extra storage now

Small building in middle of the Stadium area, used for timing races.
2019- New metal roof

View Aug 2020
Lodge as it looks without snow, Aug 2020

ca Jan 3, 1996 - Donated 10×50 Atco Trailer, still in use today with kitchen in one end, and wood stove in other, middle taller roof in photo above
Date Unknown- First addition was added on kitchen end for a rental shop and day pass registration area. Right lower roof in photo above. Later a roof was added between the lodge and rental shed for a waxing-repair station for rental skis.
Date Unknown- Second addition was added on the wood stove end, with picnic tables and waxing station, plus a door to large wood shed out back. Left lower roof in photo above.

ca 2020- I know the club would love to build a new lodge if funding or donations allowed.

ca Feb 7, 2001- Electric Power arrived at the trails
2019- New metal roof

Apr 1, 2009- Building originally was to house new parking lot snow clearing equipment, a proposed backhoe, but finances never materialized for the purchase of a loader, and hiring an operator, as last minute expensive repairs had to be made to the Pisten Bully for the 2010 winter Games held at the trails.
This building is adjacent to the Wedeene Forest Road, and has 2 large doors one on each end.
2016-Today- This shed, houses the large Prinoth Grooming Machine as it did not fit in old Pisten Bully shed.
2017- added automatic hookup exhaust system for Prinoth groomer.
2017- added 2 flat 4 x 8ft wheeled carts for changing blade out to renovator and vice versa.
2017- added floor water barrier to try and contain the melting snow from the machine after it is brought in to the shop.

Prior to 2019- Rental Shop was housed in one end of the Lodge building in a tiny 8ft x 10ft room
2019- Club purchased an unfinished “Tiny Home” and completey renovated it to suit their needs.

Ian Gordon did the setting up of the trailer, doors, windows, and the outside metal siding and metal roof on main building.

2 Racks for poles and dividers for different length skis were built where the “Kitchen” would have been in the original plan
The Rental Shop opened just in time for Christmas break in Dec 2019, for the 2019-2020 season with no siding, or roofs on front deck or side exit

Boot Room was started Dec 5, 2019, finished Dec 6, 2020
It originally was going to be the bathroom in original house plan
Boot Room Equipped with baseboard electric heater, dehydrator, and auto exhaust fan.
The Bootroom roof had to be lifted to 8 ft height, and wall moved in for exit door
Original design had a large loft bedroom above what became the boot room and ski/snowshoe area. Most of the original windows were boarded in, and 2 new vinyl ones installed in front section
Dec 13, 2019 baseboards and trim was completed, ready to open
Dan Nieckarz from Complete Electric Inc. did the electric work on the new Rental Shop in Dec 2019 and Dec 2020.

New Rental Shop completed October 18, 2020
Deck roofs front and side, and railings were started Aug 31, 2020
It was completed as shown in photo above, Oct 18, 2020
Note- They do seasonal rentals for kids, at a very reasonable price.
They also rent skis to adults, but only by the day and usually only on Weekends
Sometimes rental shed is open during the week, and holidays.
Check the following page and facebook for more info
Ski Rental Info- Official page, not mine

Located next to sign facing Highway 37.
The first storage shed built on site to store the smaller snowmachine and the Ginzu originally.

Built ca1992 is my guess when the machine was bought.
2020- Now just a general storage shed.
Located adjacent to the Ginzu shed and sign, adjacent to Highway 37, is the 2nd newest shed built, originally to house the Pisten Bully Groomer

Designed to be a warming hut for the long Moose Trail, it has also been used for overnight stays, and reservations are required. See Club page for that.
New outhouse installed Nov 2020
External Link-Not my site- Moose Hut Registration info

Please note- Security Cameras are used in the area and most of the buildings above, 24hrs a day, 365 days a year. The Club has to fund raise to fix, maintain and build these buildings. Vandals can wreck this in minutes. It only takes a couple idiots to ruin it. Everything is being recorded and if required video can be viewed and used to prosecute those that do steal or damage buildings or equipment. Everything, all the tools etc are engraved with SVNSC so resale will be hard for those thinking of removing them from the site.

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